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  • Do I need special tools to install Voglio concrete washbasins?
    No,assembling a concrete washbasindoesn't require any special tools. It is completely ready to be mounted on the cabinet top. Before placing the washbasin, apply a thin layer of silicone on the edge of the bottom of the concrete washbasin and the edge of the drain hole. After binding, we install the so-called outflow.
  • Can concrete sinks be installed only by a specialized team?
    No, assembly of a concrete washbasinis simple and does not require specialist teams. Anyone dealing with the so-called "white assembly" will do this job without any problems.
  • How to install a washbasin yourself?
    Yes, assembly of a concrete washbasin is possible even by an investor without specialist knowledge. Follow the assembly instructions.
  • How should concrete sinks be cleaned?
    Care should be taken to regularly clean concrete sinks. It is forbidden to use any kind of abrasive materials, wires, rough sponges, cleaning milks. For everyday care, we recommend a soft sponge and liquid Marseille soap. Do not place or leave any objects on the surface of the sink basin.
  • How to remove limestone from the surface of a Voglio concrete washbasin?
    Removal of limestone from the surface of a concrete washbasin is possible with bio descaling agents based on vinegar.
  • How secure is the concrete sink?
    Our basins made of architectural concrete are secured in accordance with the standards in which protection of kitchen countertops is made. Their surface may come into contact with food, which will rather be used in concrete kitchen sinks made by us on individual orders. The surface is protected with the highest strength and quality polyurethane varnishes, proven on the concrete products market for years! When choosing the impregnation, we were guided by its high resistance to external factors and minimal impact on the aesthetics of the product.
  • Is the sink drain standard size?
    Yes, our concrete washbasins are adapted to drains, the so-called clickers in standard European dimensions. The drain holes in the washbasins are finished and prepared for the installation of a clicker without any additional work. Sets without the so-called transfer.
  • How are Voglio concrete washbasins secured for transport?
    Most of our sales are made to remote parts of the world. The most exotic places where our sinks have been shipped are Singapore, Taiwan, Hawaii, Alaska, Canada, and the Canary Islands. About 90% of all washbasins made of architectural concrete that we produce are exported to the United States of America and European countries such as Germany, France, Spain, and the Netherlands. Top taught us to safely pack our concrete washbasins. Standard protection is a thick cardboard box, internal reinforcement with extruded materials and fillers. This guarantees that our sinks will reach you safe and sound.
  • Are Voglio architectural concrete washbasins available immediately?
    Most concrete washbasins are made to order. The standard waiting time is 2-3 weeks. However, it is worth to ask for availability each timebecause we can have a small amount of ready-made concrete washbasins in stock with fast shipping.
  • What is the lead time for a concrete wash basin to be produced?
    The standard waiting time for washbasins is two to three weeks. A small quantity is available immediately. If delivery time is important to you, please ask us directly about the availability of individual washbasins.
  • Is it possible to make a concrete washbasin to order and an individual project?
    Yes, however, please note that due to the complexity of the production preparation process and the costs involved, we rarely fulfill such orders. The time is 4 to several weeks, depending on the complexity of the project and the technology necessary to use it. Each time, this type of inquiry about the production of concrete washbasinsj must be preceded by a design consultation.
  • Can Voglio concrete washbasins be used as countertop concrete washbasins?
    Yes, we currently only have a collection of countertop concrete sinks. Free-standing washbasins and wall-mounted washbasins are in preparation.
  • Concrete sink - how to make it?
    This question comes up often, currently we do not provide advice in this area, but we prepare training forms so that it is possible to share our knowledge with interested parties.
  • Bathtub made of architectural concrete, do we have in our offer or can we produce.
    A bathtub made of architectural concreteis a very niche and technologically advanced product with a complicated production and logistics process. For this reason, we do not have bathtubs made of architectural concrete in our offer, but for those interested, we are able to indicate manufacturers or fulfill such orders for products of other brands.
  • Free-standing concrete washbasin, does Voglio offer or can it be made?
    We do not have a series of free-standing sinks in our offer at the moment, this is a development goal for us.
  • Can the Voglio washbasin be used as a suspended concrete washbasin?
    Concrete washbasins from the V_ collection are not used as suspended and cannot be installed by the investor himself.
  • Concrete sink reviews, why are they so diverse?
    The main reason why we have so many extreme and diverse assessments and opinions is the complexity of the process and the knowledge and experience of the manufacturer of concrete washbasins. Making concrete washbasins is a multi-stage process, and each of these stages is almost critical. It seems to be a simple task / well, we often hear - it is enough to knock down a plywood form, make concrete and pour it / nothing could be more wrong. That is why very often on the market we have opinions about products made by companies with no experience in this task, beautifully describing and decorating websites, tempting with a price. Unfortunately in order for the washbasin to be durable, solidly protected and refined in detail, many hours of work are needed, top-class semi-finished products, knowledge and experience. We own it :)
  • Architectural concrete washbasin price, what does it depend on?
    Thecost of washbasins is affected by many factors, including material costs, which in the case of such advanced mixes significantly exceed our association with ordinary concrete. Unfortunately, for the opinions appearing on the Internet, the use of ordinary concrete - technical mixes by many manufacturers has a very negative impact. Another important factor is the high cost of surface protection technology. Also here, due to the many hydrophobic varnishes and other protective agents available on the market, unfortunately with varying degrees of surface protection, we may be dealing with price polarization. Preparation of production molds, which in the case of washbasins with simple shapes, such as square or rectangular, without softly finished corners, can be based on an ordinary MDF board generates low costs. Oval-shaped washbasins made of architectural concrete are produced in silicone or laminate moulds, which radically increases the price of washbasins made of decorative concrete. The most important factor, however, is the working time and experience we have. This is the factor that has the greatest impact on the price of concrete washbasins and causes that the difference between the price of small concrete washbasins and large concrete washbasinsis not proportional to their size. The costs of the individual components of the working time at each washbasin are practically the same, only the cost of the mix (but not the time of its preparation) differs proportionally.
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