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Our story

It is difficult to write something about yourself that is not a cliché like the statement: concrete is our passion.  Because it is not so.  Concrete is a graceful material that allows for the creation of forms with a surprising aesthetic effect. It allows you to combine opposites like austerity and warmth, like hardness and velvet, like a defect and the aesthetic perfection of opposites.  This is what captivates us, pushes us to work and creative activities.  

We came across the technology of concrete and its forming in 2010, when creating a large brand of architectural concrete products,  

Architectural concrete product brands with a wide range, but we were tormented by the lack of intimacy in dealing with a large brand.  

This is how my own creative workshop activities were born. And so it goes on. We make each element enjoying and communing with it personally.  We devote a lot of our energy and positive vibrations to it. Each element is our relaxation and detachment from the business world. Each element is unique.  

           We're glad you are here.  

     Paulina and  Arek

Creator of the Voglio brand of concrete washbasins
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