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Lamps made of architectural concrete.

Experience in working with architectural concrete allows for creating not only beautiful and durable sinks but also utilizing this material in lighting. Concrete is a raw and minimalist material that fits perfectly into modern loft interiors. Thanks to the possibilities of manipulating the form and texture of concrete, unique concrete lamps, wall sconces, or even decorative lighting elements can be created.

Concrete lighting has many advantages. Firstly, it is very durable and resistant to mechanical damage as well as weather conditions. Additionally, thanks to its raw aesthetics, it gives rooms a distinctive look.

Concrete lamps can have various forms - from simple geometric shapes to more complex patterns or abstract surface structures. Shades made from this material can be smooth or have subtly visible patterns caused by natural surface irregularities.

Concrete wall sconces are an interesting solution for those looking for unconventional elements for their interior design. They can be placed both in living rooms or bedrooms as well as outside buildings. Due to their raw aesthetics, they blend perfectly with both modern arrangements and more classic stylings.

Concrete lighting can also serve a decorative function such as hanging lamps in abstract shapes or delicate night lights made of concrete.These types of lighting give the interior a unique character making it exceptional.

Using concrete in creating lamps,sconces,and other lighting elements allows for extensive customization of the interior.Every handmade product has its own unique features and appearance.
In conclusion,the experience gained through working with architectural concrete opens up many possibilities also within the field of illumination.Concrete lamps,and other elements made from this material provide an excellent solutionfor those seeking modernand extraordinary additionstotheirinteriors.

Currently we only produce custom designs.Please feel free  to contact us."

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