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decorative accessories

Our online store offers a wide selection of interior decoration accessories made of the architectural concrete. Our products are characterized not only by high quality craftsmanship but also by unique design that will surely distinguish your interior from others.

In our offer, you will find various decorative elements such as planters, vases, stands, as well as lamps, tables and shelves. All of our products are made from the highest quality architectural concrete which ensures durability and resistance to damage.

Our concrete galanteria is not only a great choice for lovers of modern design but also for those who appreciate minimalism and simplicity. Concrete interior decor is currently one of the trendiest trends that can be successfully combined with various styles of arrangement.

In our online store, we prioritize customer satisfaction which is why we offer fast and secure delivery as well as the option to return goods in case of dissatisfaction with the purchase. If you have any questions or concerns, our specialists will be happy to assist you and provide professional advice.

We invite you to explore our offer and join the group of satisfied customers who value high quality craftsmanship along with original design.

Once considered a rough building material, concrete has now become very popular in modern interior design. At Voglio, we recognise its exceptional qualities and offer a range of concrete ornaments and decorations that will enhance any living space.

Architectural concrete is synonymous with modernism.

Our products are crafted from top-quality architectural concrete, distinguished not only by its appearance but also by its endurance and robustness. Our skilled designers transform concrete into true works of art, creating perfect accessories
for any room in your home.


Experience the versatility of concrete in decorating your space.

At, we offer a wide range of concrete products that perfectly complement your living room, bedroom, or kitchen. Our concrete ornaments can elevate any room, from the lounge to the bedroom and the kitchen. Whether you're after chic chandeliers, unique flowerpots or contemporary placemats, our collection has it all. The decorations' industrial feel adds character to your living space.
  We welcome you to explore the concrete ornaments on offer at

They are perfect for those looking for a modern, minimalist addition to their home. Create a distinctive environment in your home using concrete and your creativity.

Concrete decorations merge art and practicality.

Present-day designs are embracing minimalism and simplicity; thus, concrete embellishments are now an essential component of such home decorating styles. Opting for a bulldog figure in architectural concrete is a wise decision as it guarantees endurance and uniqueness. Every little detail, from the expression of the face to the body's details, to the ears' gilding, has been thoughtfully considered and reflects the makers' passion for their craft.

Each figure is hand-painted, thus making every one of them a small work of art. In a time when mass production influences the market, these unique items are valuable in the collection of any design enthusiast. Despite its small size, the figurine attracts attention and becomes the focal point in the room. Whether you own a bulldog or are a dog lover, this product will certainly appeal to your heart.

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